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A World of Care - That touches the World

COHSASA Accredited

Internationally Recognised, Quality Improvement Accreditation Body for Healthcare Facilities and Quality Services to Patients.

Mission & Vision

Lady Pohamba Private Hospital (LPPH) is an acute care state-of-the-art hospital.


Meet our dedicated management team members.

Latest News

We would like to share any exciting developments and general news with you here.


Lady Pohamba Private Hospital is proud to support events in Namibia by Namibians.

About the Hospital

Lady Pohamba Private Hospital is pleased to offer and share world-class quality care to patients since 18 January 2016. Exceptional service and compassion to patients and clients is a priority for the multi-disciplinary team. The team hold themselves accountable to high standards that are observable and measurable ensuring great health care service in the country.

The Hospital has a 24-hour:
  • 11 Operating Theatres (including 2 Day Theatres and a C-Section Theatre);
  • 2 Cathlabs; 
  • 15 Bed Trauma Unit / Emergency Unit;
  • 3 Surgical Wards (which include 82 Beds); 
  • 20 Bed Day Ward / Gastro-Intestinal Unit;
  • 10 Bed Intensive Care Unit; 
  • 11 Bed High Care Unit; 
  • 11 Bed Cardiothoracic / Neuro Surgery Intensive Care Unit / High Care Unit;
  • 28 Bed Cardiac Ward;
  • 60 Bed Medical Ward;
  • 20 Bed Paediatric Ward;
  • 7 Bed Paediatric Intensive Care Unit / High Care Unit;
  • 10 Bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit / High Care Unit; 
  • 10 Bed Rehabilitation Unit; and a
  • 15 Bed Maternity Ward.

Our Affiliates

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We are Here to Help

Lady Pohamba Private Hospital professionals are on standby to help you, both via email and telephone.

Emergency Centre:

+ 264 83 335 9036

Emergency Centre Reception:

+264 83 335 9040

Admissions Details:

+264 83 355 9003/4/5/6


Switchboard Number:

+264 83 335 9000

Alternative Switchboard Number:

+264 81 950 0900

"A world of care that makes better, better."