Lady Pohamba Private Hospital

The Maternity Ward comprises of a specialist team of health professionals who will give mom and baby medical attention on par with international standards. Our aim is to ensure that your delivery is as comfortable as possible. Our obstetrics nurses will be at hand to educate you on the importance of breastfeeding, postpartum, immunization and answer any questions you might have.

Our Maternity Complex consists of a Maternity Ward with 15 rooms, Nursery with 10 beds, Delivery Rooms, Maternity Theatre. 

We’ve also gone the extra mile to create an environment that promotes calm and tranquillity comprising of private and semi-private suites, en-suite bathrooms and a secure access-controlled nursery furnished in inviting tones.

We are focused on creating a caring and calm environment for mothers during and after labour, while adequately preparing mothers and fathers for the day of discharge from the hospital. To encourage dads to share the memorable and intimate experience of welcoming a new baby, we consent visits throughout the whole day until 21h00 only, enabling mother and baby to get the rest they need.

We will be thrilled to experience this special time with you and upon arrival of the newest addition to your family, you will receive a welcoming gift bag courtesy of Lady Pohamba Private Hospital.


Dad/Partner: all day until 21h00

Baby’s brother/s and sister/s: 11h00-12h00 and 15h00-15h30

Grandparent/s: 11h00-12h00 and 15h00-15h30

Family and friends: 15h00-16h00 and 19h15-20h00 

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