Lady Pohamba Private Hospital

Lady Pohamba Private Hospital (LPPH) is a state-of-the-art hospital that provides patient care through specialised staff and equipment. The hospital is situated in Kleine Kuppe on the corner of Frankie Fredericks and Ombika Drive in Windhoek.

The Hospital has a 24-hour 15-bed Trauma Unit, 7 Operating Theatres, 2 Surgical Wards (which include 41 beds), a 7-bed Isolation Unit, 10-bed Multi - Intensive Care Unit and 11-bed Cardiac Vascular Intensive Care Unit, a 34-bed Medical Ward, 11-bed Paediatric Ward, 10-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and a 12-bed Maternity Ward. Supportive services such as a Hospital Pharmacy, Radiology Department and Pathology Department are also available.

Our vision is to make a real difference and a positive contribution in the lives of our people.


At LPPH we know how important it is to visit loved ones with peace of mind. Our parking areas are safe and secure.


Unwind as a patient or visitor at the Coffee Bar on the ground floor with a hot or cold beverage, a meal or snack.


We strive to provide you with a family-focused hospital experience that gives you the care you need. Our modern and safe pause areas are conveniently located so that you can breakaway and spend time with loved ones, or wait in comfort.


Our visiting hours are listed under each division, please scroll to the relevant division to find out about the respective visiting hours. During the peak of Covid-19 cases, visiting time is restricted. 


We also offer pathology and radiology services. These include: X-rays, CT scans, Sonars, MRIs and bone density scans to name a few.


LPPH’s theatre complex comprises of 6 state-of-the-art operating theatres equipped to meet the most intricate surgical procedure standards.


The 24-hour Gastrointestinal Unit at LPPH specialises in upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopies, bronchoscopies as well as other gastrointestinal related services.


Our Short-stay Ward provides patients who come in for medical procedures not requiring overnight hospitalisation with a comfortable environment that boosts health, well-being and comfort.


The general ward at LPPH ranges from en-suite semi-private (two, three or four beds) to private suites giving patients an added level of luxury and convenience. For your comfort, our general ward is equipped with modern electric beds and individual television sets connected to DStv. Visiting hours are daily from 15h00-16h00 and 19h00-20h00(in times without Covid-19 restrictions). Children under the age of 12 years are not allowed in the general wards.

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