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01 October 2018

World Heart Day- September 29th

World Heart Day- September 29th

01 October 2018

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

31 July 2018

COHSASA Accreditation Achieved

Lady Pohamba Private Hospital has successfully completed the COHSASA International Audit

24 July 2018

International Health Facility Audit Begins-COHSASA

Lady Pohamba Private Hospital has started with the final audit process for an International Health Care Facility accreditation conducted by COHSASA this week.

04 June 2018

Sponsored Nursing students completed studies

LPPH sponsored three nursing students, who completed their studies at UNAM as enrolled nurses. The graduation took place place on Friday at the Country Club. We welcome these new nurses to LPPH, where they can fulfill a rewarding & exciting career in our specialist hospital.

14 May 2018

International Nurses Day 2018

International Nurses Day!

07 May 2018

Preparing for your newborn - Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes

18 April 2018

Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers & First Aid Courses

BLS HCP, CPR & First Aid course

18 April 2018

LPPH & Welwitchia University Nursing School

Nursing school opens at LPPH (Demushuwa Suites)

17 April 2018

Staff Incentive Prize Giving & Breakfast

Staff awarded for their commitment & dedication to going above and beyond the expectations of the hospital management.

17 April 2018

2018 Diamond Arrow Award

The second year recieving a Diamond Arrow award in the Private Hospital Sector

19 January 2018

LPPH Second Birthday 2018

Two Years Old already!

13 April 2018

New Emergency Medical Response Vehicle

New Renault (AMH Group Namibia) sponsored Emergency Medical Response Vehicle

13 April 2018

Award of Service Excellence 2018

Chartered Institute of Customer Management presents recognition in Health Care Sector.

13 April 2018

Development of LPPH Estate: From the beginning

The development & phases of construction LPPH Estate

12 April 2018

Cardiology Unit Opens

The latest establishment to LPPH is the opening of the Cardiology Unit which comprises of the new Hybrid Cardiac Theater, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) & Cardiology consulting rooms which are all found in the Main Hospital Building.

18 January 2016

Opening of LPPH Hospital

Lady Pohamba Private Hospital opened its doors to the public. The Hospital has a 24-hour 14-bed Trauma Unit, 6 Operating Theatres, 2 Surgical

19 January 2016

LPPH: First New Born

Former first lady Penehupifo Pohamba, who is also the patron of the Lady Pohamba Private Hospital (LPPH), is impressed with the state-of-the-art

19 January 2017


To celebrate the occasion there was a large cake and general good cheer.

28 March 2017

Diamond Arrow Award presented to LPPH 2017 did a survey in Sept/Oct 2016 and LPPH was the highest rated in the following category: ‘BUSINESS



The Lady Pohamba Private Hospital is currently offering a wide spectrum of career opportunities within a number of disciplines. We believe that the hospital will bring exciting challenges, benefits and the development of skills, knowledge and experience in the Namibian healthcare industry..

Let Us Contact You

We invite motivated individuals to apply for positions at Lady Pohamba Private Hospital.

Please provide us with your information. The positions are not open to recruitment agencies.

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Specialised Nursing positions are available in the following wards and units:

  • Theatre
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Positions are available in the following specialities:

  • Anesthesiologist
  • Neonatologist
  • Gynaecologist and Obstetrician
  • Neuro surgeon
  • Sonographer
  • Intensivist
  • Specialist Physicians
  • Nephrologist

The following services have been outsourced (positions are not directly available at LPPH):

  • Information Technology
  • Catering
  • Cleaning


Lady Pohamba Private Hospital is a pure Namibian owned state-of-the-art hospital that provides patient care through specialised staff and equipment. The hospital is situated in Kleine Kuppe on the corner of Frankie Fredericks and Ombika Drive in Windhoek.

The Hospital has a 24-hour 14-bed Trauma Unit, 6 Operating Theatres, 2 Surgical Wards (which include 41 beds), a 7-bed Gastro-intestinal Unit, 10-bed Intensive Care and 11-bed High Care Unit, a 34-bed Medical Ward, 11-bed Paediatric Ward, 6-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and a 12-bed Maternity Ward with a team of Midwives, Nurses, Obstetricians and Paediatricians working collaboratively to provide women with a memorable childbirth experience.

Supportive services such as a Hospital Pharmacy, Radiology Department and Pathology Department also form part of this dynamic team.


Lady Pohamba Private Hospital professionals are on standby to help you, both via email and telephone.

Emergency Centre:

+264 83 335 9040


+264 83 335 9000


+264 83 335 9003 / 4 / 5 / 6

Maternity Bookings:

+264 83 335 9001

Namibia Radiology:

+264 83 335 9700

Path Care Namibia:

+264 61 4313091 

LPPH Pharmacy:

+264 83 335 2140/1


Dr M Alison                                        

083 335 9051/2/3


Dr S VD Westhuizen                        

083 335 5030

General Surgeon:

Dr J Nel                                                

083 335 5017 

Dr  P Eagles                                        

083 335 5140

General Practitioners  :


Dr V Morkel                                        

083 335 5130

Dr P Nel                                                

083 335 5040

Dr R Klazen                                         

083 335 5040

Dr Y Mostert                                      

061 – 231 345

Dr L Mattysen                                  

061 – 254 685

Dr V Wicomb                                     

083 335 5230


Dr J Jonck    


083 335 5060/2/4

Dr C Moolman   


083 335 5270


Dr S Shituleni  


083 335 5160

Dr A VD Horst 

083 335 5160



Dr J Van Dyk                                       

083 335 5190 

Dr S Bau                                               

083 335 5080

Dr G Morkel                                       

083 335 5190 

Dr  C Pieper (Prof) 

061 224564

Dr W Benjamin                                 

061 306 869



Dr W Bruwer                                     

083 335 5170 

Dr G Gunter                                      

083 335 5170 

Dr T Zikhali                                         

061 305 710


Dr P Murphy                                      

083 335 9700 

Dr F van Schouwenburg                

083 335 9700 

Dr N Tjongarero                                 

083 3359700

Emergency Medicine:

Dr M Koekemoer                             

083 335 9000


Dr  B Bruwer                                      

083 335 5170


Dr W Bruwer                                     

083 335 5170


Dr P Kumire                                        

083 335 5240

Urological Surgeon:

Dr E Johnson                                      

083 335 5091

Cardiothoracic surgeon:

Dr J Nghaamwa                                 

083 335 2120

Obstetrics & Gynecology:

Dr S Laker

+264 83 335 5160

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